Visual Studio Code – The ultimate writing experience

Microsoft Word. Google Docs. Ulysses. These are the applications that come first in mind for most writers. What would you say if I tell you that “Visual Studio Code” would be another option that you should seriously consider?

Wait a minute. Did you really mean Visual Studio Code? Isn’t that actually an IDE for coding?

Actually, it is. It was developed by Microsoft as the go-to IDE for typescript. In time, it became one of the major IDEs in the javascript ecosystem and not only.

Ok… So what it has to do with tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs?

Well… Visual Studio Code is offering an experience that no other tool managed to come close to. Machine learning helps you write twice as fast, reduce spelling mistakes and give you full control over every detail of this experience.

Pretty hard to believe, right? Take a look at this recording on how I wrote this exact article that you are reading, right now.

Visual Studio Code – Writing Experience

Does that look interesting? Do you want to know how you can achieve the same results?

Install Visual Studio Code from here. At the initial start, choose a dark theme or any that you prefer. For me, this is especially important as it helps to reduce eye strains during long working sessions.

After that, you need to add a couple of extra plugins to customize the default experience:

To get started, turn the “zen mode” on and the application will go into full-screen, hiding all unneeded UI elements and letting you focus on what is important: your writing.

And that’s it.

Start writing and enjoy!

Writing or Reading Morning Routine

Morning routines are key to a sustainable, healthy and productive lifestyle. I am always looking for small optimizations to my routines and I was faced with the question:

Should you read the first thing in the morning or should you write?

For quite a long time, my morning routine contained one hour of reading time. 

This week I decided to challenge my approach as I was feeling that the ratio of the content I consume over  content I create was getting out of balance. Therefore, I started writing first thing in the morning. I couldn’t be happier with the decision.

Here is my recommendation:

Take advantage of a fresh start in the day and start writing. Your mind is free of other people’s thoughts and filled with your own, born from your subconscious or your imagination.

Read throughout the day or in the evening. Let all ideas that you collected brew overnight, and turn them into nuggets of wisdom the first thing the next day.

Do this every morning and not only your writing will get better, but as will your thinking.