The tech lead role – part two

The second key area of responsibility for tech leads is the technology stack. From programming languages, frameworks and tools to platforms for provisioning, deploying and monitoring your application, all these elements can make the difference between the success and failure of the project. The tech stack Each company or project can be composed of aContinue reading “The tech lead role – part two”

The tech lead role – part one

At one moment, in each development team, one will stand up from the rest of his team members with his ability to support others, to speak up for the interest of the team, and to be listened and followed by his peers. These individuals are soon promoted to the “Tech Lead” role and they discoverContinue reading “The tech lead role – part one”

My productivity toolbox – part two

In part one we discussed how important is to put down all the things you have on your mind and create a routine for their execution. But what happens when your list of tasks for each day grows bigger and bigger and you start observing that you are not completing everything you wanted for the day? ItContinue reading “My productivity toolbox – part two”