Goals Setting Framework

Do you have difficulties breaking down big goals, let’s say like life goals into actionable steps? If yes, you are not alone as this is one of the most common difficulties for people that I work with. In this article, we will take a look at a technique/framework that is designed to help you achieveContinue reading “Goals Setting Framework”

Lessons learned from building my first Udemy course

It is amazing how today, a person who wants to learn something new can do so from the convenience of home, on his own terms and schedule. Access to education has never been so easy. We have a real opportunity to push for better results on both the qualitative and quantitative aspects. Udemy contains aContinue reading “Lessons learned from building my first Udemy course”

My Secret Behind Successful Commitments

To commit or not to commit? That is the question asked by many teams in an agile world as well as individuals that set strict goals for their development. The answer must not be taken lightly as the faith and trust in oneself or of fellow team members depend on it. Is there a wayContinue reading “My Secret Behind Successful Commitments”