The Paladin

This month I reached a new milestone: 5 years at Innogames. I started as a developer, became team lead for the browser team, became TPL for the Elvenar and now continuing this exciting journey. I made a lot of mistakes, I learned a lot, but most importantly I had the opportunity to discover and work with some amazing people.

Five years ago the team started with five persons and now we are circa 40 team members, sharing the same goal and mission. I consider Elvenar, one of the most significant achievements of my career and I am grateful to all of my colleagues, who in their way, make millions of players happy by playing and enjoy our game.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds and I am confident that there will be interesting challenges and more things to learn.

P.S. If you are wondering, what is with the paladin statue, this is part of an Innogames tradition. When an employee reaches five years at the company Hendrik, our CEO, congratulates him personally and brings this token as a sign of his appreciation.

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