What is the right next step in your career?

This is one of the fundamental questions that I asked myself each 2-3 years and for me is the product manager role and later fully dedicate to my own company.

But why product manager role as an intermediary step?

The product manager role has the greatest potential for the CEO role. While Martin Eriksson, in the article “Product Managers – You Are Not the CEO of Anything” critiques the correlation of a PM to a CEO, the arguments become weaker if the PM is also the founder of the company.

Building a company means indirectly building a product and creating value for customers. Jumping to founder directly from a technical role, would lack expertise in understanding the customer, how to validate ideas as well how to create a solid and sustainable business case. (and many more…)

A good PM needs to find good trade-offs between UX, Tech and Business while solving an important customer problem. This is way harder than it sounds. The tech background provides opportunities on the product delivery and operational side, however, there are many more skills and knowledge required to make sure the product is a success.

Product manager and their teams create products with strong user adoption that have exponential revenue growth and perhaps even disrupt an industry.

I am grateful to be part of a company that supports each individual’s personal development and in the following years, in return I want to support the growth of the company with building many great products and successfully completing our mission.

I look forward to sharing with you all the insights and learnings from the product side and to the journey that will follow.

Before I end this post, would like to come back to my original question and let you reflect and decide: what is the right next step in your career?


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