razvan andrei surdu




Hi, I’m Andrei! 👋

I am a 32 years young husband and loving father⁣, engineer, tech lead and entrepreneur.

I’m here to show you exactly how you can develop professionally and how to build efficient teams that can deliver businesses or technical solutions that work.⁣

I will help you increase your productivity, set exciting goals and achieve your targets faster.⁣ 🎯

More than ten years ago, I started my career as a software developer, moved to a senior role, to a leadership role, to the current point where I am leading other leads.⁣

Over these years, I observed team members that were struggling with time management issues or with not realizing their full potential. As we worked out together towards the solution on how to overcome these issues, patterns started to appear. Simple changes in their routine had a positive domino effect not only on work-related goals but also on private ones.⁣

The key elements that contributed to my success are the ability to always have the next target in mind and to focus on actions that get me closer to it.⁣

Through my courses and my blog, you will find the tools and the knowledge to be more productive and succeed in every professional goal that you have.⁣