Learning in Public and Digital Gardens

Learning in public is a great way to pursue a new-found interest or passion. But what means to learn in public? It is simple. After you discovered a new topic, take notes using what method you prefer and make them available online so anyone who is interested can see them. So how does this help?Continue reading “Learning in Public and Digital Gardens”

Visual Studio Code – The ultimate writing experience

Microsoft Word. Google Docs. Ulysses. These are the applications that come first in mind for most writers. What would you say if I tell you that “Visual Studio Code” would be another option that you should seriously consider? Wait a minute. Did you really mean Visual Studio Code? Isn’t that actually an IDE for coding?Continue reading “Visual Studio Code – The ultimate writing experience”

Writing or Reading Morning Routine

Morning routines are key to a sustainable, healthy and productive lifestyle. I am always looking for small optimizations to my routines and I was faced with the question: Should you read the first thing in the morning or should you write? For quite a long time, my morning routine contained one hour of reading time. Continue reading “Writing or Reading Morning Routine”